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Brett Scarlett's Big Bass Mindset Leads to a 5th Place Finish

Posted on July 19, 2020 at 10:30 PM

The first ever VTF online fishing tournament concluded on July 12th, 2020 as a field of 28 competitors fished from Monday July 6th until the end of the event. Brett Scarlett from Orangevale, California finished in 5th place with a 5 fish limit of 88.75” after incurring a 0.5” penalty.


Brett Scarlett explains that he approached this event with a very specific mindset, “Target BIG bass only!” Therefore, Scarlett spent his week fishing his home body of water, the California Delta, a notorious big bass fishery. To catch big fish, Brett Scarlett used above average sized fishing lures. He fished a ½ oz Menace Baits PB&J Original Menace Jig, a 7” Pumpkin stick bait, and fished thick vegetation and cover with a topwater frog.


The VTF Summer 2020 Circuit is an engaging series of three 1-week online fishing tournaments held over the course of a three-month season. Anglers submit a limit of their longest bass and compete for big prizes while receiving points based off how they finish to compete for the coveted VTF Circuit Angler of the Season award.


Click here to view the event leaderboard and current VTF Angler of the Season Standings:


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